The business of buying a home is complicated, filled with paperwork; it requires expert negotiations and there are often small problems which, if left undetected, can easily cause your entire transaction to be placed into jeopardy. Having me as a buyer’s agent I ensure that I will represent only you and have a fiduciary responsibility to look out for your best interests.  The best news is that in every instance, the seller pays the fee for the Realtors, so it costs you nothing extra.

As a buyer’s agent I perform services for you that the seller’s agents can’t. I show you reasons not to buy a property, negotiate the best price and terms for you and keep confidential any information that could hurt your bargaining position

How about hiring the seller’s agent to buy a home?

Some people believe the listing agent has more incentive to push through an offer when the agent represents both parties in a dual agency capacity. Bear in mind that behavior is unethical and if it’s true, do you want to work with unethical agent? Moreover, a listing agent cannot have a buyer’s best interest at heart while representing the seller.

As your buyer’s agent it is my responsibility to look out for your interests first. My duties are to:

  • Find properties even before they get listed on or
  • Negotiate for the best sales price, terms and conditions that best match your needs
  • Connect you with all professionals required to make a transaction successful (mortgage broker, lawyer, inspector, movers etc.)

Let me show you the difference of working with me!

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